Promoting SDG Villages

As in the case of three villages in Byrnihat, Meghalaya, RGVN has been working in Aamkota Village in Morigaon, Assam.

IDBI Model Village Project Status as on March 15, 2016

Updating of Existing Baseline
Completed. 100 HH to benefit from this Project.The beneficiaries belong to SC/ST communities and live below the poverty line. Paddy cultivation in small land holdings are their main occupation.

Construction of Sanitary Toilets
30 Sanitary Toilets completed.Hygiene and sanitation are now being practised. Prior to this project ,the residents of the village practised a few defecation in the fields. An awarness campaign on cleanliness ,health and hygine was also launced amongst the village falk. 40 sanitary toilets are proposed for construction in the next phase of this project.

Ring Well
The ring wells produce crystal clear water. Residents of the village now flock to the wells which are now a major source of their water needs. 4 ringwells have been dug. Even in this dry season the wells are holding enough water to at least meet the drinking water needs of the people. Prior to this project, women of the village needed to walk about 3 to 4 k.m. just to fatch a pail of water.

Electrochlorination Unit
Electrochlorination unit not completed yet. As minuted in the 2nd Stearing Committee Meeting held on 04.02.2016, the reason for non-completion of the chlorination unit is that, due to underground rocky layers in Amkota village, a permanent source of water could not be located. Hence, the electrochlorination unit would now be set up near the village pond, or attached to one of the 4 ring wells with an overhead tank, funds for which are already lying with RGVN.

Doctor’s Services
A medical kiosk has been started since Jan 2015 and a qualified MBBS Doctor visits the village and renders services for about 3 hrs every Thursday. cumulatively about 500 patients havebeen treated so far. Serious patients are referred to Guwahati Medical College & Hospital for further treatment. The doctor’s chamber is located at the Community Hall constructed under this project.

Free medicines are distributed to the patients which are purchased by RGVN as per the Doctor’s prescription.

Medical Equipments
A Weighing Scale, Sugar Testing Instrument and Blood Pressure reading instrument have been provided at the kiosk.

Naamghar Beautification & Community Room Construction
Community hall construction coompleted in the premises of the Namghar (a community prayer hall). Renovation of the boundary wall of the premises also done and a main gate constructed. The Namghar has been painted and refurbished.

Solar Lighting

Community HH
100 solar lanterns have been distributed to all the HHs. This has brought a great sense of relief to the villagers and has been a boon to the students in most of the HHs.

Solar lighting of the Naamghar also completed. Besides beautifying the Naamghat, this endeavour have helped people to gather there in the evenings, interact with each other, carry on with their religious activities well after sunset without having to bother about lighting and its associated costs. they all seem satisfied.

Institutional Cost
2 Sign Boards for the Village haven put up on the approach road to the village where the names and logos of IDBI Bank and RGVN has been prominently displayed.

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